samedi 23 mai 2020


During the covid-19 lockdown, I've find some time to rearrange my storage boxes and rediscover some things I've made some years ago to populate my little pike. I've detailled this 1/72 bicycle for the station scene at San Jacinto. The 3 D printed navy sailor will be demobilized and he'll get a hat instead of his Dixie cup hat. But it was not the only things unearth. More on that later. See ya'

jeudi 21 mai 2020

Setting the place

Just before the lockdown, I've laser engraved two small panel for my upcoming lower fascia. Those set the place Santa Fe-style for visitors and operators with the name of the station and one for the tail of the wye where actual North State Street cross the track opposite of the station in my layout room. Not a big deal but I hope a nice sight when the fascia will be finished.

lundi 2 mars 2020

The Backdrop is on the way-Part 2-Almost blue...

Blue or almost blue, is on! At last the blue gradient is here. I'am not entirely satisfied with the result when seen too close. The low pressure spray gun have done mixed result here and there and I've to modify some things, this time with my airbrush. Overall, the color is good for me but, as you could see in the photos, lighting is determining. Next will be the backdrop painting strickly speaking with the scenery. To be continued...

    The lighting at left is LED (mixed cool and warm) and classic fluorescent at right. I've yet to decide between the two.

    And no light at all...

    The area where Mount San Jacinto will be painted.

dimanche 23 février 2020

The backdrop is on the way. Part 1

Just a quick post to show the progress done on the backdrop. My backdrop base is made directly on the plaster wall rounded on three angle of the room with a coating. My problem for some years was that the initial base was ruined by an attempt at doing something that, at first, looked pretty good. But when the definitive lighting was installed, the result was awful and very grainy. I'am not so skilled to do this kind of coating as I want a reallly smooth one. So doing some trackage or scenery on the layout halted for years due to this poor backdrop and the need of having it completely redone. At last, by chance, I've find the right person to do so. And he redo the coating like a pro with a nearly glass smooth finish this past week. I've painted the coating a basic white with a low pressure spray gun then sanded with fine sandpaper this week-end. I hope the blue sky will be made on tuesday or wednesday. I cross my fingers...Stay tuned!