dimanche 28 janvier 2018

Building a fleet-Part 5

No I don't have only boxcars! If they were during my period the mainstay of many roads (except with some specialized roads like the Norfolk and Western where hoppers averaged two third of the fleet), I have to have some other kind of rolling stock for the branch. I will discuss later, specifically in an other post, how and why I build my modest fleet like I do. At the moment, I'am concentrated to, at least, build a consist or two to run on my layout when this will be possible and try to finish the too many projects I've started years ago. So that's why I've kept this GS gondola in my collection. At one time in the late 90's I've had two more of this kind but in Rio Grande livery. I've sold them at one point in the early/mid 2000 to a friend more involved with this rocky mountain road.
. Two reasons why I kept this one: I must have cars from neighboring southern California roads (SP, UP), and I must have cars for a customer that ship or receive gravel/construction material close to State street crossing on the tail of the san Jacinto wye. This one combined both. Otherwise, the car is a very nice W.A Drake GS Gondola factory painted that I wheathered with my usual techniques. I really miss this brass importer and hope I could gather one of their tank car in the future.
See ya'
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B side

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