jeudi 25 janvier 2018

Something different...again

 It was time to finish this little tractor! Like the water crane, it gathered dust for some time on my shelves unfinished. I began modified and wheathered it in 2015, and due to many good reasons, work on it halted. This is one of the week jobs and I nearly finish it. Maybe some more dusting on the wheels, a chain or rope on the back, some touch up paint on scratches, but not much more...
It's one of the Case DC/DCS issued in 2006 by SpecCast and it's easily the most detailled vintage tractor available in 1/64 th (there's a wealth of stunning modern die cast models but only toys for old tractors). Here, despite some details, we have a real model, not a toy and it's easy to find some on the web. The real ones were produced from 1939 to 1953 so they fit in my time frame well (some other brothers wait to load one of my flat car). The major change I did on it was to remove the horrible cast steering wheel and installed an etched one from Tractorfab.  I removed some levers and made new ones with needles, I've thinned the exhaust upper valve and added a starter crank and that's pretty all I've done in term of modifications to this little beast. After a coat of matt varnish, I wheathered it with some AK Interactive products (dust, grime). The rubber wheels were only sanded to obtain this effect. Last but not the least, an oil painted driver was added. I'am not completely satisfied with him as I've not painted a figure with oil paints for nearly seventeen years and it shows! I need to re-practice but there some much to do, I'll see...
See ya'.


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