dimanche 29 avril 2018

What's on the worbench this week ?

This last two months were quiet, at least regarding my own modelling. I'am mainly at finishing a batch of flatcars. The one still in bare brass is a Southwind Erie AAR/WPB 53'6" which is very close to a Santa Fe model. I've modified some minor details and he's waiting for priming and painting. The two others are more on the finishing lane. The middle one is a SHS GSC and the first in the row is an American model 46 footer that will mimic a 44'6. Of course all will wear the Santa Fe uniform! As usual in S scale, they're not exact replicas for the ATSF prototypes but close enough and it's OK for me.
I've recently discover that the ATSF GSC have plenty of hooks between the stake pockets. It's a detail I've missed for years and now I realize how important they are. But those were very tiny pieces and my attempts at creating them with brass were unsuccessful. So, they were create in 3 D and printed by Shapeways and yet to be installed. But thanks Hi-Tech for the help!
See ya'

The micro 3 D printed Hooks.

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