mercredi 15 novembre 2017

A cracker box affair

(date and photographer unknown-All right reserved)

Some of my eventual, but higly estimate, readers may thought 'what the heck of a choice!?' in seeing this beautiful building that lasted till 1947 not chosen for this project. I've also had some drawings in Gustafson and Serpico's book, 'Coast Line depots, Los Angeles Division' I owned for twenty years now and where I discovered the San Jacinto station. Some originals seems to even exist in the Western Archives files of the Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modelling Society. So why?
I must admit that I've always love this building 'of questionnable architectural merit' (in a caption in that same book).  And love it at first glance. Like the one in Midland or in Hemosa Beach two other examples of ' questionnable architectural merit'! That's it maybe...
Or is it a question of  easing the process of building the depot? No, having the drawings of this depot will made the kit fairly straightforward and after it's just a matter of time the laser machine spend on cutting it. I've lost quite some time on the recent version just to adjust the height of the building, the doors openings, to understand from photos how the windows arrangement was, and so on...So speaking of an easy process...No I just love it as I have said previously! 
And it will fit perfectly in the time frame set for my layout. I really love steam engines but I love early diesels too. I must have mixed trains also. In a corner of my brain, there may have been the dubious idea of having some late 50's/early 60's operating sessions...And in S scale, the choice of quality vehicles is quite scarce and thinking of early 40's ones is just a mere dream. So, for all these reasons and probaly a lot more I've chosen to model the 'Cracker box' that 'most rail historians feel it will be no loss' (in Hanson and Jennings, The San Jacinto Valley Railway althought a highly valuable booklet for the modeller) during it's early career between 1948 and 1952. And despite I've never seen this humble building, I miss it.
See ya'

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