jeudi 30 novembre 2017

Buiding a fleet...Part 2

Continuing my quest of a small fleet for my modest empire, I've modified and wheathered an SHS Milwaukee Road USRA Outside brace XM boxcar for that purpose. I'am not sure of the complete accuracy of the beast though. I've worked from photos, but these showed some differences from the USRA pattern. I've bought this model twenty years ago and it endured many faces. The last one showed here with details added and some modifications made to get closer to the prototype (doors, ladders, etc...). The first phase of wheathering was done with a first coat of flat varnish with some 5% boxcar red added and airbrushed over the original SHS livery. Then some boards were highlighted with some pastel pens (gray, red, etc...). The roof was wheathered with oil paints following a technique popularized by Charlie Duckworth. That's all for tonight.
See ya'

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