samedi 11 novembre 2017

More old modelling

Digging through my computer, I've found some other photos of my "test" module made with the remnants of Lakeside. The S Helper NW 2 was at that time completely in it's "as delivered" state. Since then, I've blacken the overall tone of this switcher. The original tone was much more Grimy Black/grayish than black. All the photos I've seen of the ATSF switcher/road switcher shows that the livery was a plain black, and none turned gray. But otherwise a terrific model like all the SHS offering. The demise of this firm was THE great loss for S scale.

This is one of the few photos of  this scene in place on what was my first layout attempt in my present train room. Maybe circa 2012, early 2013. This module is now history finishing in the trash bin.

OK, that's all for now and time to close the chapter of relics.
See ya'

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