jeudi 16 novembre 2017

ATSF 3 D printed parts

Having done some S scale parts classification, I finally boxed a batch of  3 D printed parts for my S scale 3129 class mikado project completing those I already have and the standard cab in brass I conceived. Not to be seen on the benchwork tomorrow but..Plus some chimney and vents for various projects. As example, the short chimneys belong to a war emergency caboose I'am working on. See ya'

Various ATSF standard boxes, hose reel boxes, sand boxes, backup lights, tender ladder, caboose chimneys in two heights, drain plates, double water hatches, front headlight support with numbers (3129 class engines 3154 and 3158, two San Jac regulars), front round numbers (for 1950 class engines 1965 and 1987). Printing by Shapeways.

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