vendredi 10 novembre 2017

Full Steam Ahead

Beginning a blog like this is not so easy. If I've just began the project, it will be a day to day chronicle of the progress. But I'am quite ahead of this and it will be necessary to set some foundations: history of the branch, motive power, trackplan, and so on...And some modeling to avoid the boredom an eventual reader of this blog might have! So let start with some ancient modelling, and my first endeavour in S modelling in 1998 with a mutli scale modular display where the trains are in 3/16 ((Foreground was 1/35,the middle in 1/48). It was quite large at 2,44 m/8 feet long X 1,22 m 4 feet for a show display. Being functionnal with a siding it was connected with another scenicked module and the whole layout was a loop with a staging. I've still have very few photos but some can be found, here ( Some major shows were made with it in France and Netherlands, but it was too tricky to assemble the four parts so it was stored till I moved in 2002.
The former Omnicon Erie 460 disguised as a Santa Fe engine. Nothing cry ATSF but...
Then, I tore down the 1/35 and 1/48 parts and redone the tracks modules in a more greener fashion reflecting my interest at that time. The action take place somewhere in the west, maybe again in New Mexico, but in northern NM in the fictitious (again) Hilo Station. I've dreamt that it could be the beginning of my S scale layout but...

Last but not the least, a new version was quickly made, still with the original Lakeside tracks, somedays around 2008 for a show. My taste evolved as well as my prototype knowledge. This time we were along the old Orient (thus the Orient Cafe) somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas. Despite the fast schedule, I've tried to made something decent that could be used for my planned home layout with the remant of Lakeside.  I've thought at first that it was a good idea to speed up the process of building my layout. But in fact it was not, mainly because the track plan was far from realistic and all my attempt at integrated it in my many schemes failed...Something must change. But more on that in another post.

Oh by the way, I've miss something, I'am a Santa Fe fan. But for sure sharp eyes may have seen some evidences!
See ya

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