lundi 13 novembre 2017

What's remains in San Jacinto

As you could see in the following photos taken during my trips there in april 2014 and 2015, the remnants are scarce. But seeing the place in person helps when you want to model it. Particularly, I realize how small  the station grounds are and have a modelisable size albeit selective compressions are neccessary. Visualising the surroundings, Mount San Jacinto and especially what's there behind the stock pen and Shell dealer, was of great help to plan the backdrop. All in all, despite an awful wheather in 2015 and the scarcity of the traces, I've feel the place and it consolidate my choice. Not bad!
See ya'
7 th street crossing. The station sat at right between the two poles, the main track goes straight, two spurs curved sharply at  right after the station building. At left was the Shell dealer with a small corrugated warehouse and a single tank. The stockyard was just out of sight at extreme right some distance before the crossing. At one time on this siding there was also a "National Ice" Ice house close to the stock yard.
The station entrance turnouts leadding to three tracks in front of the station.

Looking south toward Hemet. A lot less vegetation now and much more buildings everywhere...

Maybe the footings of the San Jacinto Packing warehouse.

This pole roughly marks the begining of the curved San Jacinto Packing corrugated warehouse.

Those tanks were never rail connected and don't exist in the 50's.

Failled track improvement?

The station approach just south of the 7 th street crossing. The turnouts layout is different from those on the track charts I own and could have been modified during trackworks in the late 1960's?

The station building was located roughly between the two poles. The house track was approximately where the truck's traces are.

Station grounds -Main track go straightin the center, two spurs goes right and one ended where is the alley ending on N Dillon Avenue. There was two customer here San Jacinto Packing Company (Agri Empire later) and San Jacinto Milling Company. The big warehouse at left sit some yards north of where was the Shell Oil dealer.

The San Jacinto wye near North State Street looking south toward Hemet. This wye have seen apart of the regular 280 and 282, one 482, GP 7 and 9, RSD 5, and even some Warbonnet F 7!

An appearance in the grass, a short lenght ot the south leg of the San Jacinto wye-complete!

Detail of the wye track, there's some tie plate and only two spikes per plates.

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